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Home-Body-Mind Balance

Mentally label one corner Mind, another Body, and the last Home

Life is al about balancing energy. When one thing is off it seems to affect every other aspect of our lives. If we gained 5 pounds we have a hard time being happy the house is clean and so on and so on. We just always seem to have a reason to be unhappy or at least distracted. But what if I told you that we really only need to make small tweaks to pull ourselves back into alignment?

Let’s say you get up and you’ve plateaued on your weight loss and the cat threw up on your new door mat. You tell yourself, whelp, it’s gonna be one of THOSE days. And then the entire day is exactly one of THOSE days.

Follow me down this road and know that I’m aware it’s very simplified. But the principal will be the same no matter how complex the problem is.

This is somewhat based in Gabby Bernstein’s “Choose Again Method”. Her method is based on the belief (fact) that it’s good to feel good because vibration matters. In her method you see a negative thought, forgive yourself for having it (that’s right, you don’t get to obsess on it or how it’s ruined your day) and then choose a better version of that thought (or a whole new one if possible). Here (https://gabbybernstein.com/choose-again/) for a more in depth description. So with that method in mind, I like to add action.

When you have a negative thought, it pulls your Home-Body-Mind triangle of alignment. For this practice, we are saying an equilateral triangle represents a balanced life. But imagine a negative thought in the home point. It will pull that point to the left (because in my head that’s the direction of negativity). There are times when you just can’t fix the negativity easily. But what you can do is redirect your focus to the other two points on your triangle of balance.

Let’s say whatever negativity in the home happened can’t be fixed or pushed aside overnight. You can choose to exercise (doing something you love) to balance out. Or you can choose to meditate or read a funny book to balance out. That will move those points to the right. As long as all sides stay equal you stay balanced.

So the next time you gain five pounds because you looked at a piece of chocolate (pulling the Body point out of alignment) light an amazing candle and watch favorite movie. It’s ok to let go of a frustrating thought and focus elsewhere on a positive one.

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