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The Best Weight Loss Advice

I am one of those lucky people who lives in a state with places and for hiking, beaches for combing or beautiful cities to wander. Finding something to do here is not hard. But we have a high occurrence of depression due to our weather (lots of rain) and early nightfall in the fall/winter. This causes many of us to gain weight.

Like most people I stress about the weight gain. What I have noticed though, is that focusing on it and being diligent about what I eat and my exercise wasn’t helping. It was infuriating! Then it hit me! What you focus on grows. If you are meditating on losing weight, exercising even when you want to garden instead and limiting your diet, you are focusing on unwanted fat.

I then realized that on days where I gave up and just did what I WANTED to do, the scale moved more. Basically, when I forgot about weight loss, I lost weight. When I obsessed about it, I either plateaued or gained.

So… the best weight loss advice I ever got, I got from my spirit guides. They have been pushing me to go beach comb. Find sea glass, have fun. Basically, go do something that makes you forget about the number on the scale, and that lifts you up.

So, your homework today is “go do a hobby that makes you forget about time, weight, stress or problems”. I guarantee as soon as you truly lose yourself in this hobby, the answers will be found.

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