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Home-Body-Mind Balance

Mentally label one corner Mind, another Body, and the last Home

Life is al about balancing energy. When one thing is off it seems to affect every other aspect of our lives. If we gained 5 pounds we have a hard time being happy the house is clean and so on and so on. We just always seem to have a reason to be unhappy or at least distracted. But what if I told you that we really only need to make small tweaks to pull ourselves back into alignment?

Let’s say you get up and you’ve plateaued on your weight loss and the cat threw up on your new door mat. You tell yourself, whelp, it’s gonna be one of THOSE days. And then the entire day is exactly one of THOSE days.

Follow me down this road and know that I’m aware it’s very simplified. But the principal will be the same no matter how complex the problem is.

This is somewhat based in Gabby Bernstein’s “Choose Again Method”. Her method is based on the belief (fact) that it’s good to feel good because vibration matters. In her method you see a negative thought, forgive yourself for having it (that’s right, you don’t get to obsess on it or how it’s ruined your day) and then choose a better version of that thought (or a whole new one if possible). Here (https://gabbybernstein.com/choose-again/) for a more in depth description. So with that method in mind, I like to add action.

When you have a negative thought, it pulls your Home-Body-Mind triangle of alignment. For this practice, we are saying an equilateral triangle represents a balanced life. But imagine a negative thought in the home point. It will pull that point to the left (because in my head that’s the direction of negativity). There are times when you just can’t fix the negativity easily. But what you can do is redirect your focus to the other two points on your triangle of balance.

Let’s say whatever negativity in the home happened can’t be fixed or pushed aside overnight. You can choose to exercise (doing something you love) to balance out. Or you can choose to meditate or read a funny book to balance out. That will move those points to the right. As long as all sides stay equal you stay balanced.

So the next time you gain five pounds because you looked at a piece of chocolate (pulling the Body point out of alignment) light an amazing candle and watch favorite movie. It’s ok to let go of a frustrating thought and focus elsewhere on a positive one.

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The Best Weight Loss Advice

I am one of those lucky people who lives in a state with places and for hiking, beaches for combing or beautiful cities to wander. Finding something to do here is not hard. But we have a high occurrence of depression due to our weather (lots of rain) and early nightfall in the fall/winter. This causes many of us to gain weight.

Like most people I stress about the weight gain. What I have noticed though, is that focusing on it and being diligent about what I eat and my exercise wasn’t helping. It was infuriating! Then it hit me! What you focus on grows. If you are meditating on losing weight, exercising even when you want to garden instead and limiting your diet, you are focusing on unwanted fat.

I then realized that on days where I gave up and just did what I WANTED to do, the scale moved more. Basically, when I forgot about weight loss, I lost weight. When I obsessed about it, I either plateaued or gained.

So… the best weight loss advice I ever got, I got from my spirit guides. They have been pushing me to go beach comb. Find sea glass, have fun. Basically, go do something that makes you forget about the number on the scale, and that lifts you up.

So, your homework today is “go do a hobby that makes you forget about time, weight, stress or problems”. I guarantee as soon as you truly lose yourself in this hobby, the answers will be found.

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Don’t be a Pinterest fail

I’m not gonna lie, I am guilty of getting in to a spiritual hygiene routine, which is wonderful, but I take it one step too far and become OBSESSED with the routines. I will get to the point I feel like it’s bad luck if I miss a step.

I become so focused on micro managing my manifestation process that I can’t see or I miss all the easy options the universe gives me.

I’m the person who sees exactly what I want online, but instead of spending $50.00 on the item I want, I spend $75.00 on the supplies and waste 5 hours making a shitty version, which I then accept as what I deserve because clearly I didn’t deserve the real version, since mine turned out bad. Seems super logical right?!

How often do you do a version of this in your life? Take the harder route because the easy route is too good to be true. Miss the cues because it came too easily. Ignore the offer because you haven’t struggled enough. This is all literally the same logic we put in to our Pinterest fails.

We are convinced that we can’t have exactly what we want. So we pare down your dream to what we would accept. And we struggle to get that watered down version. Meanwhile, the universe is like…. if that’s what you want…. ok…..

So, stop doing that! Accept that offer, see that cue, know that both are the universe making your life easy because you deserve it!

It’s one thing to be crafty and have a good time making something unique. It’s another to try to copy something on the cheap because you don’t think you deserve the real deal. See the difference?

Schedule a basic reading and add on a situational reading to help see where you get stuck! I’ll also give you a few tailored suggestions on how to change these blocks quickly and easily.

akashic records, energy, karma, law of attraction, thrive

Lack Mentality

My car is convinced I’m starving him because he can see the bottom of his bowl. He can’t see the food around it, he only sees what he doesn’t have. This is lack mentality. I used to think it only applied to how you saw money. It came to me the other day, that my lack mentality shows up in how I address food. Kind of like my cat.

In my case tho, I restrict my calories, convinced I will gain weight if I have any “no no items”. In my head sugar of any kind goes straight to my hips. And because I have been brought up to believe that how I look is all important, I restrict myself.

I kept getting the message to let go of the lack mentality that isn’t serving me, and I kept thinking “why is this coming to me!?” My relationship with money is healthy. But food, yeah, that is anything but healthy.

I was raised by a woman who thought I only looked great when I was basically starving myself. At the age of 11 she told me I needed to make sure I wasn’t too fat. I was constantly told to suck my stomach in, and called thunder thighs. (Mind you I was a competitive gymnast my entire life).

When I was pregnant, and shortly after my c-sections, my mom would show me her post baby pics bragging about how quickly she got back in her jeans… then would tell me “you’ll get back to yourself soon”.

Once she died, I realized just how unhealthy she was. I realized I could never say the things she said to me to my kids. It was eye opening. Yet my relationship with food didn’t improve.

I was talking to a fellow calorie/carb-a-phobe the other day who said that the calorie counter I suggested to her suggested she eat WAY too many carbs. And that’s when I realized how the relationship to lack.

Food is energy, it is literally how our body fuels itself. If we restrict it, it finds ways to store “energy”. It figured out ways to keep itself alive. How can I be on the vibration of abundance and be simultaneously be obsessed about eating a normal 1500 calorie diet (I was down to 1000 calories while working out, and was perplexed as to why I was exhausted).

So long story short, if you are not seeing abundance in your life, where are you restricting yourself in an unhealthy way?! It can be friends, love, food, entertainment. I’m not saying to binge in any of these areas, but find out what is normal, and trust that it’s normal, and your perspective is skewed.