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Do you notice that the same type people and problems keep showing up in your life, no matter how much change you try to bring in? Or like no matter how much money you make, issues always pop up that take you back to square one? In my readings, I use the Akashic Records to do an intuitive reading, based off very basic information about you. I’m not a psychic, I won’t be able to tell you unimportant details about past lives, and I won’t be able to fix your problems for you.
What I can do is help you figure out why certain patterns KEEP showing up in your life. I will help you identify energy leaks and empower you to fix them through choice and action. I’m kind of like an insulation contractor who comes over to your home for an energy inspection to help lower your energy bill.
A reading with me will help you truly understand your divine gifts. These are gifts that you probably take for granted because they come so naturally. By harnessing these gifts and maximizing your divine energy, you will find that you struggle less. Once you know to use these gifts, and clear the blocks to your energy, you will notice that the effort you give seems to be amplified by the results you get.
Additionally, I will pinpoint specific blocks and restrictions that are diverting energy from your ability to use your gifts, these blocks cause you to struggle, to feel like everything is hard. They are the patterns you can’t seem to break free from. Think of these blocks and restrictions as old leaky windows, uninsulated walls, and attics etc. They allow your divine energy to be funneled out of you, causing you to spin your wheels no matter how hard you try.
These blocks and restrictions can be formed in current life choices (mostly made subconsciously) or they can be carried over from past lives via Karmic Patterns. Karmic Patterns are caused when actions you took were not cleared when you transitioned from life. They leave a mark. These marks show up as unexplainable patterns in your current life that you can’t seem to out run.
Only negative past life karmic patterns show up in these readings. So you won’t get a flowery story about who you were in a past life. You will get actionable information to help you break these patterns that plague you.
Current life, negative choices can be made when you adopt a coping mechanism as a child or teen that goes against your divine gift. These choices are called negative because they drain energy from you. Going against your true nature takes a lot of energy. Conversely, positive choices are choices that bring energy to you.
I want to be clear on that because I’m very very careful to leave judgment out of my readings. Even negative choices can actually be the best choice available at the time. The key is losing those coping mechanisms that drain you as soon as it is ok to do so. Since we are young when we bring these current life coping mechanisms in, we don’t realize they are actually still draining us.
My readings require BASIC information from you. I need your birth name, current name used, birthdate and city you were born. This information is needed to ensure I am locating your records specifically. Once I have your payment, via paypal, and this information, I will contact you and we can set a date (a few days out) for me to give you your reading via a conference line that allows me to record the reading for you. The reading itself can take about an hour. I record it for you so that you can just sit and relax without focusing on taking notes. (You can choose to get billet points in writing instead if you would prefer)
Once the reading is done, I will send you a clearing statement, and a list of “homework” to help you take actionable steps to clear the blocks and return your energy to you. The actionable homework is the important part. But reading the clearing statements helps a lot. It’s like if you are going on a diet and you use recipes to help you cook your meals. You can do it without the recipes, but it’s much easier to use them.
Once I receive your payment, I will start working on the research portion, so if you choose to cancel, please let me know within 24 hours of making the payment. Each reading takes me about 1.5 hours to prepare.
I look forward to helping you reduce struggle and maximize the results of your efforts!
Costs below
Basic reading- $100.00
This reading dtells you who you are at soul level, and what blocks and restrictions are holding you back from receiving full universal energy. Includes what your current life lessons are.
Situational reading- $75.00
This reading will group the situations that are currently plaguing you. Telling you which actually go together (it isn’t always as it seems). The lesson you are learning from the situations and ways to get past the blocks causing them to pop up.
Relationship reading- $75.00 for spouse or business partner $25.00 for kids. (One sided)
Two sided, requires the permission of both adults). $100.00. Kids are $50.00 (if you want their basic reading)
This is in addition to your basic reading. It covers your side of the relationship, blocks causing issues and the lesson you are learning
Chakra reading $50.00-
tells you which chakras are out of balance and how it’s affecting your life and how to balance them.
Manifesting blueprint $25.00 if included in basic reading,
$40.00 if stand alone.
This will help you if you are trying to manifest a specific goal, new business, whatever. But you will need a SPECIFIC GOAL.

akashic records, energy, karma, law of attraction, thrive

What’s holding You Back?

I have a lot of people who are interested in what my readings entail, what they will uncover and what they will get out of them. In a lot of cases it’s almost like they are scared to know what’s holding them back. First, the fear of knowing is holding them back. But let me explain everything.

What do they entail:

I need your basic information just to make sure I’m accessing YOU in the akashic record. Just your name, birthplace and birthdate.

Out of curiosity, I have started cross referencing astrology readings with my akashic record readings. It’s AMAZING how well they tie together.

Astrology readings give you a lot of information about who you are based off your birthdate and place and how the stars were aligned at the time and place you were born. The Akashic record readings will explain why your soul chose that time, place and family to be born in to.

What will a reading uncover?

It will uncover anything your soul is willing to allow to be uncovered and what your soul is ready to clear out. Nothing more and nothing less. If you aren’t ready for it, I won’t see it.

This is very empowering because it means you are ready to take the actions, but it’s really hard to know what actions to take when the karma you are repeating has been brought to you from past life, ancestral or familial origins. It’s like trying to see a Forrest through the trees. My reading will just point out the path, versus you trying to hack your way through the deep Forrest.

What will you get out of it?

As much as you choose to get out of it. Life is all about YOUR choices. No one can influence your karma but you. You can allow yourself to be a victim, but you can also choose to be the survivor. So it’s literally what you choose to do with what I tell you. But remember, I only see what you want to clear at your soul level. So it behooves you to really take to heart what is uncovered.

But, karma will keep repeating itself until you choose to take different action. You will eventually figure out the lesson, but it’s your choice to struggle to figure it out or take a class and learn effortlessly.

The choice is always yours.