Readings available + cost

Basic reading- $75.00

This reading dtells you who you are at soul level, and what blocks and restrictions are holding you back from receiving full universal energy. Includes what your current life lessons are.

Situational reading- $75.00

This reading will group the situations that are currently plaguing you. Telling you which actually go together (it isn’t always as it seems). The lesson you are learning from the situations and ways to get past the blocks causing them to pop up.

Relationship reading- $100 for spouse or business partner– includes two basic readings

This is in addition to your basic reading. It covers your side of the relationship, blocks causing issues and the lesson you are learning

Chakra reading $25.00-

tells you which chakras are out of balance and how it’s affecting your life and how to balance them.

Manifesting blueprint $25.00 if included in basic reading,

$40.00 if stand alone.

This will help you if you are trying to manifest a specific goal, new business, whatever. But you will need a SPECIFIC GOAL.

$250.00 all inclusive. This price includes EVERYTHING.