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New prices coming 3/2020

Get your reading now before it’s too much for you to handle! (Lol, sorry…..)

I am a level 3 practitioner. I have taken the three levels of Soul Realignment, done over 100 readings, and can delve deep into life lessons, relationship lessons, specific life situations as well as the basic reading which will tell you why you are attracting the life you see, and why you aren’t attracting what you want.

I only need your current name, name at birth, birthdate and birth place.

I have lowered my reading prices to reflect the craziness of our times:

Basic reading (normally $150) now $75.00

Life Situation (normally $150) now $50.00– must have a basic reading also, you just can’t do the work without it.

Relationship Readings (normally $200.00) now $100 (includes basic reading for you and your spouse)*

Get your readings now and then refer your friends!!

*this must be a person you are financially tied to. I will need al their basic info too

I accept PayPal tia.sosa@yahoo.com

Once I receive payment I will send you a short questionnaire, depending on the reading you want. Then I will schedule a time to speak on the phone about a week later to give you your reading.

akashic records, energy, karma, law of attraction, thrive

What Soul Alignment does

This is my glass collection. These are the pieces that fit a certain criteria. The right colors, shapes and pattern. And of all those out there, these pieces also go through a filter of 1) found in the wild (not eBay) 2) under a certain price 3) unique. This is the kind of filter soul alignment can give you for life changing decisions.

Soul alignment gives you a filter which you can use when making decisions. A basic guide as to whether something will be aligned or not. You probably think this should be obvious right?!

Due to our negative choices we make in life these “filters” get clogged up. Social norms, obligations and so forth clog the filters and obscure what our soul truly wants.

I am aligned to being conflict free… this means I would often say yes, when I should have said no. I would then get pulled in to situations where I was spinning my wheels, or being taken advantage of. That is until I found this course, was able to clear the blocks and restrictions and learned to follow my true North Star. Aka, my gut.

I can now tell immediately when something feels off, and I know these decisions won’t work for me. Now, I still want to avoid conflict, and sometimes say yes when I shouldn’t, but I know, and am not stuck wondering why I’m not attracting the life I want.

Want to know your true direction? And what blocks are standing in your way?! Schedule an appointment.

I only need your name, birthday, and birthplace. No sensitive information needed. And before you argue that I could use that to figure out passwords… let me tel you 1) I don’t want that karma and 2) I seriously don’t have the drive to scam people… I’d rather use that energy to do karmically aligned work.

akashic records, energy, karma, law of attraction, thrive

One step forward, two steps back

Depending on how you look at this picture, this is my 13 pound cat using his 2 pound sister as a pillow and she’s too small to get away, or it’s my kitties snuggling in a loving way.

Being that the sister is a tiny ninja of destruction and the brother is a passive love bug, I’m going with they are snuggling and she’s not being held down against her will. But my point is, check in to make sure that what is happening in your life is truly what you want in life.

I’ve recently had a string of set backs due to this lack of authenticity. It seems like everything I buy is defective. It kind of got me down and feeling sorry for myself. But then I sat back and realized something. Each “set back” was an indication that I’m doing things I don’t really want to do. I’m doing “should’s” and convincing myself it’s what I truly want.

I sat down and made a list of each set back, and why I had bought it (or in some case just took that action) and the pattern was clear.

Sometimes on my path for an easier life, I give up authority and let others take over. Not that it’s healthy to be a control freak, but make sure you aren’t settling for inauthenticity just because it’s easy.

So now, I need to counter the should’s with desire. In some cases I need to stop the activity, in others I need to tweak my perception. And in a few cases I need to bring my own brand of style in to the picture.

From now on, I’m going to see set backs as road signs showing me that the path I’m choosing isn’t quite right. Not to say I need to totally change my route, but I certainly need to check in with myself and see what my real feelings are.