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Your Unique Genius

If you are like me, the hardest question on an interview is “Why should we hire you, what sets you apart from the rest?” I know I have talent. But when I’m put on the spot, I really don’t know what puts me in the Genius Zone.

Add to it the confusion with how manifesting works, and no wonder people spin their wheels. No wonder so many businesses fail. We do what we are told we SHOULD do, but we are never taught to use our unique talents and perspectives.

The people that get ahead in life are the few who just happen to excel at the classes our school system teaches OR they are lucky enough to have parents who tel them to follow their passion and money will follow. But in general, the majority of us are not told or taught that.

This is why the majority of people live lives that are “fine”.

Soul realignment readings have shown me how very unique all of us are. How we can have two people with the same idea on paper, and the process and outcome are actually totally different for manifesting it and producing it. Our intentions really are as unique as our fingerprint, but traditional school systems and the need to make our families proud inhibits is from following our dreams.

Get a reading and you will see what your natural genius is meant to be. You will understand whether you are a fish trying to climb a tree, or a bird trying to swim (and some birds can swim). But a reading will help you understand where you will thrive and the way you thrive.

So, sign up for a reading, and unlock your potential. I only need your full name, date and place of birth. It’s very similar to an astrological reading, but goes a step further in that it tells you what you are doing that is in contradiction of your talents. These are things you likely don’t even think twice about.

Remember, we are raised by people, doing their best, who barely understand how their natural talents work, much less how this little human’s do.

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