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New prices coming 3/2020

Get your reading now before it’s too much for you to handle! (Lol, sorry…..)

I am a level 3 practitioner. I have taken the three levels of Soul Realignment, done over 100 readings, and can delve deep into life lessons, relationship lessons, specific life situations as well as the basic reading which will tell you why you are attracting the life you see, and why you aren’t attracting what you want.

I only need your current name, name at birth, birthdate and birth place.

I have lowered my reading prices to reflect the craziness of our times:

Basic reading (normally $150) now $75.00

Life Situation (normally $150) now $50.00– must have a basic reading also, you just can’t do the work without it.

Relationship Readings (normally $200.00) now $100 (includes basic reading for you and your spouse)*

Get your readings now and then refer your friends!!

*this must be a person you are financially tied to. I will need al their basic info too

I accept PayPal tia.sosa@yahoo.com

Once I receive payment I will send you a short questionnaire, depending on the reading you want. Then I will schedule a time to speak on the phone about a week later to give you your reading.

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